Thursday, September 16, 2004

The one on Wifely's survey

Taking a tip from Wifely, I've decided to answer these before I go shopping. The narcissist in me rears his chubby head.

TOP 5 Frequently visited sites
1. Yahoo Mail
2. GMail (want an invite?)
3. Blogger
4. Relevant Magazine
5. Billboard Magazine

TOP 5 Favorite songs of all time
1. Everything To Me - Avalon
2. Broken World - Across the Sky
3. Big Yellow Taxi - Amy Grant
4. Tea and Sympathy - Jars of Clay
5. Walking on Broken Glass - Annie Lennox

TOP 5 Favorite Foods
1. Calzone di Biancco from Piadina
2. Turtle Pie from Sugarhouse
3. Sylvanas from House of Sylvanas
4. Adobong Balun-balunan the way my mother makes it
5. Pata Tim the way my mother makes it

TOP 5 Favorite Drinks
1. Ice-cold Coke Light
2. Ganns' special punch (email me for this recipe, it's top secret, but it'll knock your socks off, and it's non-alcoholic!)
3. Vanilla bean frappucino from Seattle's Best
4. Strawberries and cream from Starbucks
5. Water (that's really sad.)

TOP 5 Favorite Snacks
1. Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar
2. Mr. Chips Cheese
3. Kornets Cheese
4. Pringles Salt and Vinegar
5. Orville Redenbacher's Cheese Popcorn

TOP 5 Favorite Indoor Activities
1. [Too racy to mention.]
2. Friends! marathon
3. Playing with Nathan
4. Designing new pages for the magazine
5. Cooking (and the eating that inevitably follows)

TOP 5 Favorite Outdoor activities
1. [Too racy to mention.]
2. Shopping for Cathy.
3. Biking or brisk walking.
4. Tending my plants.
5. Walking Nathan

TOP 5 Accessories
I'm not a big accessory guy.
1. My mobile
2. My Palm
3. My T-Mac rubber bracelet

TOP 5 Major Expenses
1. Rent
2. Transportation
3. Groceries
4. Electricity
5. Insurance

TOP 5 Movies that you like
1. Mr. Holland's Opus
2. The Notebook
3. Sister Act
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
5. Courage Under Fire

TOP 1 people you miss
1. John my bro


Esteban said...

Dude, it's about time. I have been going by your domain all the time, and nada. Welcome back to the blogging world! Thanks for the email or I wouldn't have known!

Toni said...

So here you are. I've been wondering why you haven't blogged in so long!