Friday, September 24, 2004

The one with the nervousness

It's September 23 today (Manila time), which gives us approximately a month and a week to roll out the magazine and its website, get at least ten schools to subscribe, secure fifteen advertisers, and launch.

With God, all things are possible. I'm pretty nervous, though.

On a more relaxed note, from Bene Diction, I note at least four Filipino-Canadians in the top 32 of the recently concluded edition of Canadial Idol. Elena Juatco (the highest-placed finisher at #6, and eerie Jasmine Trias doppelganger), Annabelle Lumayag, Bernard Quilala, and Jerrica Santos.

I am so frustrated they never had this kind of competition when I was young enough to compete. Not like I stood a chance, but still, you know. Dreams. I'd sing gospel all the way.


Deb said...

Yes, but would you wear a Bob the Tomato costume while singing?

Daxi said...

wow! am sure, at that time, yakang-yaka mo yun! it takes a lot of guts naman e!!! (hehehe...)

can't wait for the launch of the mag.

tc and more of god's blessings!

Aura said...

I share your sentiment. They didn't have an "American Idol" type thing back when I was young enough to compete as well. hehe. It's cool. God has bigger plans. :)