Thursday, September 23, 2004

The one with freebies galore

Today, I purchased color and black Hewlett-Packard ink cartridges from Electroworld. I realize I could save a ton of money by refilling my ink cartridges from one of the refill stations that have popped up like mushrooms across the Paranaque and Taft Avenue landscapes, but I know that I may pay the price months later, should sloppy worksmanship rear its ugly head, and ink explode all over my printer. It happened to my brother-in-law, and the poor printer was ruined.

Thankfully, I get little perks for paying the premium price. Around my wrist is my brand new B.U.M. USA wristwatch, which came free with my purchase of the black ink cartridge. I can also collect two free dinners from Shakey's Pizza Parlor, in exchange for the boxes of the two ink cartridges.

That's how to do it, HP. Bribe me, you corporate hooligans. If y'all must rob me blind, I appreciate the little perks.


Aaron said...


Saw your blog and profile today...Jesus does rock.


San Antonio Summary said...

Hello, Christian brother and family. You made a wise decision by purchasing from the vendor as oppose to purchasing the cheap refillable ink. You can guarentee that your printer will become clogged with the second hand ink and eventually ruin your computer. Every person I've talked with has done that including myself and the same results occur. My printers have been sitting dry and I purchase black ink when I can afford it. The only thing I really need to print is my resume`s and maps. So, Jesus led you in the right direction again. God bless!

M said...

Ganns!Congratulations!The Live the Life cover is beautiful...really elegant and professional, and of course the topics really interesting and relevant. Basta let us know how we can grab a copy ha? :)

Post pics of Nathan, gusto ko makita si cute baby mo. TC and God Bless!