Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The one on Oprah's giving away Pontiac G6's

During her season premiere, Oprah Winfrey decided to take reality television and living the life to the next level by encouraging people and basically being the positive role model she's attempted to be for the past few years. What did she do?

Well, she gave away 276 new Pontiac G6's to every member of her studio audience. Wow. Suddenly, Oprah's Favorite Things seems paltry by comparison.

While Miss Winfrey's Christian upbringing clashes every so often with her humanist desire to be that influential and positive role model, sometimes in the process voicing opinions on issues and concerns that would be better dealt with if she were to consult God's Word more deeply, there is no doubt in my mind that she is making leaps and bounds in making this world a better place (and not just through giving cars away, mind you). In a time and era when the Bushes and Kerrys mudsling and hedge on political Molotov cocktails, hers is a refreshing breath of fresh air that gives me faith in human nature and man's innate desire to want to improve his fellow man's lot.

Go on blessin', Miss Winfrey.


Susan L. Prince said...

Oprah does wish to be a positive role model, and in many ways she does this well. She is an encourager and seems to be a "good" person.

I do have a concern though that her belief that "there are many ways to get to God" will have dire eternal consequences for many of her "followers".

So, while giving away cars is a very nice gesture, driving people to hell isn't a very positive thing at all.

Ganns said...

I definitely agree, Sue. It is a fervent wish and hope, however, that the family of God surrounding her followers will exert enough influence to correct their thinking.

Oprah is neither preacher nor shepherd, but she does wield a considerable amount of influence. It is for this reason that the local churches ensure that they continue to provide all the support necessary to combat any misinformation peddled by Oprah or any other component of media.

David BC Tan said...

Oprah's influence is immense! To m mind she's another example of the so-called 'spiritual' revival that's engulfing the world now (eg, Angels in America, Arcadia, etc)
But a car!! Wow, she knows how much people love things....