Thursday, September 16, 2004

The one on organizing Nathan's birthday party

I have three things I thank God the most for:

1. His Son, Jesus Christ, whose love has saved me from eternal unhappiness;
2. My beautiful wife, Catherine, whose love keeps me going day by day; and
3. My adorable son, Nathan James, who will be turning 1 on September 23.


If people still need proof of the existence of a loving God, I invite 'em to take a look into my son's eyes and see the love he has for me and Cathy (shortly before he tries to poke my eye out with his hairbrush). I promise photographs.

Planning a child's birthday party is not unlike planning a wedding proposal, except instead of pleasing one, you're out to please thirty kids and their parents, as well as friends, families, and the neighbors who are upset that they didn't receive an invitation to your child's 80-guest birthday party.

Taking a quick Net break here at Netopia Park Square to blog on my otherwise daunting schedule, I can't help but go "Grrrrr." Why shouldn't I? Cathy and I want to create a heart-stopping, memorable, totally fun day for a child who will be unable to remember any of these events three days after. Yes, there are photographs, possibly a video. Yes, there will be cake. I will dress myself up as Bob the Tomato and play clown for a day (most of you with offline relationships with me may feel the need to say "A day?!", but, please, I'm trying to paint the word 'maturity' all over my person).

Looking at the shopping list, I know we're feeding a veritable horde. Still, I never thought I'd see the day when glucose powder, rubber nipples (for Nathan's bottle, y'all), yarn, and unflavored gelatin would be on my shopping list at the same time.


Jax said...

I can't believe Nathan's turning one already. Ang bilis!

Welcome back to the blogging world, Ganns!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Nathan. I hope in those pictures you have promised there will be one of you dressed as Bob the Tomato!!

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