Friday, January 27, 2006

The one with Love Won't Leave You's progress - Jan 27

As of January 27, 2005, this is the progress of Avalon's Love Won't Leave You at radio in the United States, Australia, and the rest of the world.

Love Won't Leave You is now at #27 on Billboard Radio Monitor's Hit Predictor, up nine notches from last week's #36. It scored an 80.10, good for 4th overall!

Overall, on Radio and Records, Love Won't Leave You has broken into the Top 30, debuting at #28! It's the higher of two debuts, ahead of Newsboys' I am Free, new at #30. Please call your local Contemporary Christian radio stations and request to hear Love Won't Leave You! The #1 song, Third Day's Cry to Jesus, is receiving five times more airplay, so we need to burn those phonelines!

In Omak, Washington, Morning Light continues play Love Won't Leave You (as well as George Huff's A Brighter Day, another spectacular track)!

In Champaign, Illinois, 91.7 ninety-one seven has Love Won't Leave You as a top pick!

Calvary 88.5 has Love Won't Leave You in medium rotation, although its position is higher than last week's; I don't know if that means a change in ranking!

KOBC 90.7 has Love Won't Leave You at #14, up 3 from last week!

GoForthMedia in Mobile, Alabama, has added Love Won't Leave You to its playlist!

Love Won't Leave You is already a hit-bound pick for ReachFM in Newark, Delaware!

I love Canada! CHRI 99.1FM has Avalon's Love Won't Leave You at #1 for a SECOND WEEK! I love Canada!

Christians in Australia can vote for Love Won't Leave You on The Rock Across Australia, where Love Won't Leave You is now knocking on the door of the top 10, #11 in its 4th week.

On Ultra106.5, Love Won't Leave You is in heavy rotation (you can vote here)! 1WayFM has been playing Love Won't Leave You for three weeks running.

In South Africa, Kingfisher 103.8 has Love Won't Leave You at #18!

Buy your copies of Stand, now out in your favorite record bars and Christian bookstores across the world!

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