Monday, January 23, 2006

The one with Little Manhattan

Over the weekend, Cathy and I took time to watch Little Manhattan, a charming ode to puppy love starring child actors Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray, ably supported by Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon and The West Wing's Bradley Whitford. Little Manhattan made a paltry US$251,000 at the US box office, a shame because Little Manhattan has heart and humor deep within its soul, and deserved so much better.

"New York City is the most romantic place in the world, especially when you're falling in love for the first time. Little Manhattan is a romantic comedy about life, the Big Apple - and that mysterious, maddening and wonderful phenomenon known as first love." - synopsis off the official Little Manhattan website

Little Manhattan helped me revisit my first few years with Cathy, because when I think about it, the love I experienced with her really was my first love. Not to say that my previous relationships prior to hers weren't love, but the kind of love that really made me say, okay, Lord, I'm done searching, this is it, thanks for the gift!... that came with Cathy, and the film did make me see that.

Spectacular performances by Nixon and Whitford, woefully underused in the film, underline the stellar work of both Hutcherson and Ray, who deliver honest, believable performances (unlike a lot of these other child actors today, who sound like they're rattling off their lines, ehem, kid actors in Barney, eherm).

Little Manhattan is pleasant, pleasing, and thoroughly enjoyable. You must see it.

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