Monday, January 30, 2006

The one with how everything's falling into place

When 2006 started, Cathy and I challenged our faith by joining the rest of the folks at Victory Christian Fellowship to a seven-day fasting and prayer period. It was my first time to fast for a week - Yes, Virginia, I know how to fast! - and Cathy and I were certainly blessed by it. Here's a rundown of how God's power is making itself manifest in our lives since those fateful seven days in prayer:

1) We're almost out of debt. Launching LIVEtheLIFE Magazine was a leap of faith that just didn't pan out. Maybe the timing wasn't right. Maybe my heart wasn't right. Maybe the layout or content wasn't right. Whatever the reasons, we plunged into debt as a result of this endeavor, and God continued to remain faithful in those dark times. Now, we are on the verge of finally breaking into the black, and we couldn't be happier. God be praised.

2) Lifted! The Contemporary Christian Music radio show I've dreamed of and kept in prayer for so long is about to come to fruition, but this time around, no more announcements until it's actually on the air. Suffice it to say that God works in the most mysterious ways - and Jam 88.3 is the coolest radio station on the air, BAR NONE. Talagang your kind of mix!

3) Perfect Proposals: Popping the Question the Pinoy Way. The book will finally come out - but no announcements until two weeks before the publisher says it's scheduled for release. I've learned my lesson about pre-emption.

4) Our marriage rocks. There is no such thing as a perfect couple, and Cathy and I are perfect proof of that. However, I will say that these past few weeks have found us getting closer and closer - perhaps closer than we've ever been before. I haven't been the greatest husband, but I know I'm trying, and with God's grace, I can be the husband He wants me to be, for the woman He's given me. That is the biggest gift.

5) My son loves me. Cathy's being away from us four days have resulted in my trying to spend more time with Nathan. I'd like to believe I did most of that reasonably, spending the whole of Sunday with him, as well as most of Saturday and Friday.

6) The opportunity to draw closer to Him. This Friday, hopefully, I'll be able to join the Victory Men's Weekend. I am looking forward to this with a mix of excitement and fear. Excitement because I know it's a wonderful opportunity to draw closer to God and really, really experience Him. Fear, because I know I am going to have to face up to some demons I'm not sure I'm ready to face. One thing is for sure: I will have to face these demons sometime to serve God fully, and I know I will emerge victorious by God's grace and love.

The devil cannot condemn me because Jesus' blood has set me free.

7) The opportunity to serve. Cathy and I haven't served since we joined Victory, which means it's been almost six months that we haven't served in a church, and we're itching to be of service. I registered Cathy for Kids' Ministry, and I signed up for the Music Ministry. Cathy's sure to get in, but over at music, there's a training period and audition (plus, I'm not sure what He really wants me to do there... vocals? Songwrite? Keyboards? Trombone?). Well, God will be glorified, regardless of whether or not I get in, so praise Him!

8) The courage and boldness to witness. This is the one thing I have prayed for, for the longest time. The one thing we are called to do is the one thing of which I am most fearful, but I know He is working mightily to bless me with faith, courage, and boldness. I've been a Christian for almost seven years (wow!), but have always lived in fear of sharing the gospel. Please pray for me - this is what God wants of all of us, and I want to witness. God has already been moving in me slowly, and opportunities to share are starting to make themselves known in my office and in my family.

As you can see, 2006 is starting to fall into place, all by God's grace. Praise His Name! Thank You, Lord!

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