Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The one with Love Won't Leave You cracking Top 25

As you can see, Avalon's new album, Stand, is currently #1 on the MusiChristian.com charts! Praise God!

As of January 31, 2005, Avalon's Love Won't Leave You has cracked the Top 25 on Billboard Radio Monitor's Hit Predictor, rocketing up five notches to #22 from last up nine notches from last week's #27. These results may just reflect on the actual Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart this coming Friday, so keep calling local radio and requesting Love Won't Leave You!

With Love Won't Leave You reaching #22, it becomes the first Avalon single to make the Top 25 since All, from the album The Creed made the Top 10 in 2004. Subsequent singles from that album include You Were There and I Wanna Be With You, neither of which made the Hot Christian Songs chart's Top 25.

Meanwhile, the rest of America and the world continues to pick up Love Won't Leave You, including Radio and Records, where Love Won't Leave You is at #28; in Champaign, Illinois, 91.7 ninety-one seven; Calvary 88.5; KOBC 90.7; GoForthMedia in Mobile, Alabama; ReachFM in Newark, Delaware; CHRI 99.1FM in Canada, where Love Won't Leave You at #1 for a SECOND WEEK; The Rock Across Australia; Ultra106.5; 1WayFM; and Kingfisher 103.8.

Call your local radio stations and request Love Won't Leave You, and buy your copies of Stand, now out in your favorite record bars and Christian bookstores across the world!

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