Thursday, July 20, 2006

Terrible Penshoppe website

I was so excited for the Denim Love campaign of Penshoppe. While I don't necessarily agree with the selection of Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista for their latest set of image models, the Penshoppe denims do look nice, and with Penshoppe's latest promo (P1500 and get a free pair of denims), how can one resist, right?

Well, you can't get into the Penshoppe website to check out the merchandise. Don't get me wrong: the Penshoppe website is flashy but, hey, it's terrible. Despite the cool production and ubersexy photos, you actually can't get into the denim section of the Penshoppe website because you can't find the hyperlinks. First thing you see is a flash image that takes up the whole screen, with no 'Click here' instructions or anything. So you have to move your mouse around until you find the hidden hyperlink. After that, you see three photos, two of Heart and one of Jericho. You have to scroll every inch of Jericho's or Heart's photo to find a hyperlink, and when you do, clicking on it does nothing.

Argh. It was wasted time, and I seriously doubt they have any jeans in my size anyway, so I guess it's back to Guess? for me.

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