Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pinoy Dream Academy - give me a song title!

I learned over the KATHA Yahoogroups that Pinoy Dream Academy is looking for song submissions. Sixteen songs - in the vein, I imagine, of A Moment Like This, Believe, and Inside Your Heaven, among other American Idol I-will-survive-and-triumph-over-adversity tracks - will be chosen, and each composer gets P100,000.00.

Wow. I want in on that action. :D

And here’s a chance for you to get in on that action, too! LOL Give me a song title that I can use for my entry to the Pinoy Dream Academy songwriting competition. I’ll use the song title I like best, and will give the person who suggested it P3,000 if the song (with your title!) makes it into the finals.

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