Monday, July 24, 2006

The one with E-Aji Dip Snax

Cathy, Nathan, and I are going crazy over this new snack food from San Miguel called E-Aji.

My mom and I discovered the E-Aji Dip Snax brand of snack chips that come with delicious Magnolia dips at Cash N' Carry and bought some to bring home to Cathy and Nathan. There are seven E-Aji DipSnax variants: Fries with Extremely Cheesy Garlic Dip, Fries with Totally Sweet chili Dip, Nachos with Fiesta Salsa Dip, Nachos with Extremely Cheesy Garlic Dip, Nachos with Groovy Mayo BBQ Dip, Ridges with Cheddar Cheese Dip, and Ridges with Totally Sweet Chili Dip.

It's SOOO much better than WalaStix, the Regent-created dip snack whose dip, unfortunately, is watered down and relatively tasteless. According to San Miguel Corporation, the Philippine juggernaut that manufactures E-Aji Dip Snax, E-Aji doesn't contain any MSG.

We liked the E-Aji Dip Snax fries with cheese dip, then the E-Aji Dip Snax fries with sweet chili. The E-Aji Dip Snax ridges were good too, but not as good as the fries, and the E-Aji Dip Snax nachos... meh.

At P15, definitely worth your money. Unfortunately for me, I'm restarting my diet today, so I'll allow myself maybe one pack a week, and that's it. But don't let my diet stop you from trying this totally delicious snack. Mmmmmm.

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