Friday, June 02, 2006

The one with Chris Daughtry beating Taylor Hicks

Check it out! The Hot Shot Debut this week on the Billboard Hot 100 belongs not to American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, but fourth runner-up Chris Daughtry! Daughtry's remake of Bon Jovi's 1987 smash Wanted Dead or Alive bows at #43, beating Hicks' Taking It to the Streets, which enters at #69. As per It's the first time an American Idol winner hasn't debuted on the Hot 100 with the winning single, but it's not the first time an American Idol winner has been beated to the Hot 100 by a non-winner, because in Season 2, Clay Aiken pipped Reuben Studdard to #1, when the Season 2 runner-up's This is the Night blasted the Velvet Teddy Bear's Flying Without Wings.

Many people believe Daughtry was robbed, and while I hope he has a long career, at least this is one pretty little footnote he can take with him in case it doesn't work out for him.

And on one final note to end this particular entry, Nellie Furtado jumps 9-3 with Promiscuous, her single off the album Loose, out third week of June 2006. It's a track with Timbaland, and while I hate the lyrics, I have to admit this is ONE HOT SINGLE. Off tha hook. You gotta hear it - Promiscuous could be the next summer single after Rihanna's SOS. My prediction for next week's Hot 100: Chamillionaire's Ridin', the current #1 champ loses its #1 slot for one week for Taylor Hicks' Do I Make You Proud, then goes back up to #1 for another week before Furtado takes the throne for her first-ever #1 single. Go Nellie!

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