Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The one with the quick and easy pork steak recipe

I tried out an experiment today that turned out extremely well. Today marks the second day I'm on the Atkins way of life, and I've been preparing my own low-carb, high protein meals (save for dinner last night, which was a delicious chicken stew with tomatoes and carrots prepared by by my wife Cathy; I didn't eat the carrots to avoid additional sugar).

Yesterday, I made myself a great chicken stir-fry, which was quite good, but I'm particularly excited about today's lunch, a dry-rub pork steak that I wasn't sure would turn out well, but if the aroma is any indication, I may just have made myself another diet hit. Mmmm.

So to share with y'all, this is Ganns' Quick and Easy Pork Steak.

You will need:
Two pork steaks, approx. ¼ kilo (half a pound)
Italian seasoning
Garlic powder

1.Defrost the pork steaks and lay out on two plates.
2.Dry rub salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic powder into both sides of the steaks. Make your own estimates, but my own estimate revolves around a quarter teaspoon of salt and pepper each on each side, then half a teaspoon each of Italian seasoning and garlic powder.
3.Let sit 10 minutes.
4.Fry on two teaspoons of sesame oil (you can use olive, canola, peanut, or vegetable, but I like how sesame oil smells) on a non-stick pan.

Tada! It's guaranteed delicious, much better than if you were to marinate it in sugar-laden teriyaki, barbecue or soy sauce. Check out Husband Chronicles for other great guy-made recipes and household tips.

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