Sunday, June 05, 2011

Birdie bank

I recently purchased three small Angry Birds coin banks. The red one I gave to Nathan, the black one went to Caths, and I kept the speedy yellow one, whose slot is unfortunately smaller than the others. The Php10 and Php5 coins are difficult to insert. But isn't that what saving is about? Sometimes, saving money is difficult, and sometimes, it hurts. But when the time comes, you'll literally feel better when you "break the bank." Praise God for coin blessings!

Listening to: Laura Story Blessings


Anonymous said...

where can we buy the 'angry birds' coin banks? how much did it cost?

ganns said...

Greenhills, 3rd floor, beside the Food Court. Php300 yata, but there are cheaper versions around VMall, if you look around. :)