Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gearing up for Prayer and Fasting

At the start of every year, Victory Greenhills, a church in Greenhills, joins the rest of the Victory family across the Philippines, in consecrating itself and its congregants in a seven-day prayer and fasting activity. I've been participating in this for several years now, but this year I am particularly determined to get the fullest, richest experience of my participation thus far. I have witnessed for myself the incredible power of God these past three months, and I'm waiting in joyful anticipation of what God is going to do this year.

If God gives me particularly rich revelation, I expect to share it on this blog. Luckily, no one visits, so I'm not too worried about turning the world upside down. LOL

Listening to: Francesca Battistelli This is the Stuff

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