Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can I escape for just a day?

I just launched another new website today, this time for a Filipino song arranger named Archie Castillo, who I used to work with at Victory Fort Bonifacio. Yesterday, it was for a Filipino mom blogger named Thammie Sy, who is the wife of my boss.

I've been churning out websites left and right, that I'm kinda sick of my computer right now, if you can believe that. I wish I could just escape for a few hours, or maybe a day. If there were an apartelle in Quezon City that I could sleep in, or maybe a cinema that was showing a movie that I could just watch over and over, and doze off to...

Well, there will be those days. Meanwhile, I've another website I want to work on. Hopefully, that'll earn me another few thousand bucks as well.

Listening to: Chris August Come Now Our King

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