Monday, September 27, 2010

Four days to go

Well, technically, three, until I transfer from the church in Manila that I currently work for, to the church in Greenhills where I will be working.

At Victory Fort Bonifacio, I am (was) the Communications Director. I pretty much oversaw the production of communications collateral in print, video, and Web; with my trusty colleague Raz, who shot and edited the video concepts with which we came up, we made a pretty strong, albeit sometimes harassed, team. I also oversaw the Communications Ministry volunteers (photographers, graphic designers, etc.)

At Victory Greenhills, I will be Worship Services Coordinator. I'll be in charge of what happens behind the scenes at the Sunday and Wednesday services. I'll also be responsible for ensuring the volunteers of the Greenhills church are happy and taken care of. I'll also be concurrently holding the Music Ministry Coordinator role, to which I'm really looking forward, because Music is my first love, and I can't wait to work with the talented musicians and vocalists of Greenhills.

Four more days. :)

Listening to MercyMe Beautiful

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