Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas gift ideas from my favorite stores

This year, I had an early start on my Christmas shopping. I gave the exclusive Twilight Borders calendar to some of my Twilighter friends. I got them with the help of a friend in the US and my recent trip to Australia. Needless to say, they all loved me for it.

I still have some people on my Christmas list and here are some of the things I plan to give this Christmas.

Bookstores (National, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Victory Christian Fellowship Bookstore)

The bookstore is a treasure trove of excellent gift ideas. Even a set of gel pens makes a great gift. I remember a friend who gave me a school supplies set with mini stapler, plastic folders, and others and I really appreciated it. For children, I highly recommend the Kumon books. Yes, they are a bit pricey but they’re worth the price. I especially like the arts and crafts books. For self-help, I recommend Joel Osteen’s books. For mothers, Victory Christian Fellowship has a book entitled Pray God’s Will by Jay Duque. It’s a wonderful book of prayer inspirations for children based on God’s word.

Kitchen and Food Items

Last year, I found these nice Robert Green potholders in Christmas colors to give to family. I think they’re great because they’re practical and reasonably priced. They are available in the SM home section. Nathan wanted to be in the picture so you get a glimpse of my handsome son in this photo. 

For food gifts, I like CSB Hotel’s box of ensaymada. They sell their ensaymada at PhP220/box for 6 huge buns. As for the grocery store, it is always good to give ham and Majestic Ham, for me, is the best Christmas ham. 

Zen Zest

I personally like the new Sugar Collection of Zen Zest and they prepared a Christmas gift set of the scents. I like Watermelon Sorbet the most but they also have Vanilla Cream, Key Lime Pie and Cherry Cheesecake in the collection. Their cocktail scents are also great especially daquiri. For smaller gifts, their watermelon hand sanitizer is always a delight.


I like movies and music and I visit Astroplus quite often. I think these old and new releases will make for great Christmas gifts. The Josh Groban collection will be good for those who are yet to discover his talent. For those who like Adult Contemporary, I suggest Colbie Caillat and Vanessa Williams’ Everlasting Love. For the younger set, I suggest Jesse McCartney’s Departure or Elliott Yamin’s album. For movies, I plan to give Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice and The Jane Austen Book Club as a set to friends who like romance. It’s always nice to receive a comedy series and I recommend Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Christmas is a time for joy so I’m giving out comedies and feel good movies.

Advanced Merry Christmas and enjoy preparing your Christmas list and gifts!


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