Monday, September 03, 2007

Repertory Philippines' Cinderella: why reward those who break the rules?

Repertory Philippines' Cinderella, a Disney Kids' adaptation, was the venue of a lot of stress for me last Sunday. When Nathan and I entered Greenbelt Onstage to watch Cinderella by Repertory Philippines, the Greenbelt security guard checked my bag and asked if I had a camera.
"Yes," I replied.

The guard at Greenbelt Onstage then told me to leave behind my camera, as that was one of the rules.

I then gave Ganns my camera and proceeded to watch the show, with Cris Villonco in the Repertory Philippines Cinderella starring role. Although Nathan and I enjoyed the Cinderella musical at Greenbelt, something happened that completely destroyed the experience for me.

Guess what happened after the curtain closed: the main Cinderella actors went out - in full costume - and gave photo opportunities to audience members with cameras!

Can you imagine my frustration and anger when I, a parent who followed the rules, realized that I would not be able to take a nice picture of my son with the Repertory Philippines actors because I followed the rules and did not bring in my camera? Why reward those who obviously snuck in their cameras? Now, parents who did not follow the rules got reinforcement that this kind of behavior is acceptable because they have souvenir pictures of Cinderella and we don't. What message are we sending our children with this kind of inconsistency?

(Photo credit: Repertory Philippines website)

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